XC-A30 ESR Analyzer
NB-201D Semi Chemistry Analyzer
DH56 Auto Hematology Analyzer
Accre 6 CLIA System
Electrolyte Analyzer
Hemoglobin Analyzer
Immunofluorescence Analyzer
AU240 Auto Chemistry Analyzer
DH52 Auto Hematology Analyzer
KU-11B Urine Analyzer
Low Speed Centrifuge
Ultrasound Systems
Microplate Reader
DH76 Auto Hematology Analyzer

LabEngines Nigeria Limited is a one stop for Hospital, Medical laboratory and diagnostic centre service provision as regards medical laboratory equipments and consumables. We offer the following services but are not limited to: Items (Equipment and consumables) supply, Maintenance (Service and repairs) of equipment, Medical laboratory business advisory. LabEngines brings to the market cost-effective IVD products to allow customers access to the latest technologies at the most affordable prices. The company has established innovative processes and intercontinental partners to enhance accessibility allowing us competitive prices in the emerging market.

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