SF-8050 Automatic Coagulation Analyzer

Sf-8050 automatic coagulation analyzer is an automatic instrument for clotting test. Sf-8050 can be used for clinical test and pre-operative screening.

Sf-8050 adopts clotting and immunoturbidimetry, chromogenic method to test the clotting of plasma.

The instrument shows that clotting measurement value is the clotting time (in seconds).

The principle of clotting test consists in measuring the variation in amplitude of the ball oscillation. A drop in amplitude corresponds to an increase in the viscosity of the medium.

The instrument can figure out the clotting time by the motion of the ball.
Made of sampling probe movable unit, cleaning unit, cuvettes movable unit, heating and cooling unit, test


  • Mechanical clotting, immunoturbidimetry, chromogenicmethod
    Speed: 200t/h
  • Testable items: pt, aptt, tt, fib, d-dimer, fdp, at-iii, factor ii, v, vii, x, viii, ix, xi, xii, protein c, protein s, vwf, lmwh
  • 16 reagent positions and 6 test positions
  • 30 sample areas
  • 10 incubation areas
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