Spectrophotometer – SP-V1000/SP-UV1000/SP-V1100/SP-UV1100

Key Features

  • User friendly operation and information rich lcd display: The large 128 x 64 dots, backlit lcd screen with adjustable brightness control displays a large array of data also in graphical format.
  • On-board data storage: The system can save the test results, up to 200 groups of data and 200 standard curves in the ram memory.
  • Data can be restored after a sudden power failure.
  • Auto setting wavelength: To set wavelength automatically to calibrate the system through arrow keys to avoid operation errors.
  • PC control through application software: The spectrophotometer is fully equipped and capable of executing all functions in stand-alone mode. The optional application software ‘Wave Professional‘ provides computer control for the spectrophotometer(through the built-in usb port), apart from other functions such as spectrum scan, time scan(kinetics), multiwavelength scanning & nucleic acid /protein measurement. (SP-V1100/SP-UV1100).
  • Large sample compartment: To accommodate 5–100mm path length cuvettes with optional holders. A variety of optional accessories are available.
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