SF-400 Semi Automated Coagulation Analyzer

Detailed product description

  1. Iso 13485, iso9001:2000, ce
  2. Clotting method
  3. Testing items: pt, aptt, fib, tt,
  4. 4 testing channels


  • Name: Semi Automated Coagulation
  • Clotting method
  • Testing method: Inductive dual magnetic circuit method
  • Testing items: Support PT, APTT, FIB, TT, HEP, LMWH, PC, PS and all types of factors.
  • Testing channels: 4
  • Parallel tests of random items in different channels.
  • Reagent positions: 4
  • Stirring positions: 1,
  • Pre-heating positions: 16
  • Temperature control: 37°c±0.1°ccv< 3%
  • Linerarity displaylcd displaybuild-in printerthermal printer, with function of batch printing by ordinal.
  • Port rs232, lis/his supported.
  • Testing operationautomatically or manually, sample injector compatible.
  • Pre-heating time0~999s.Pre-heating timing4 individual timers,
    with counting down display

Product Features

  1. Multiple measuring principles of clotting, chromogenic and immunologic
  2. Priority emergency specimen on any sample position
  3. Dual way data transfering compatibal to his/lis
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